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Summertime is ending, but your night isn’t over yet. You find an abandoned game room and decide to play one of those golden age arcade games… but you end up trapped in Nott Longa, a liminal dimension in which time has lost all meaning and the sun no longer rises.

Don’t get too lost in this land of aliens, ghosts and folk horror creatures.

Escape Nott Longa

           or else, become a ghost of nostalgia.

A story set in an everlasting night of glitches and riddles that recreates the places of Ravenna’s docks, a small coastal town in Italy, inspired by Romagna folklore and industrial archeology.


Nott Longa is the opening chapter of a story-driven graphic adventure that mixes retronostalgia and Italian ancient folklore.

FOLK HORROR – ancient rites, language & beliefs: learn the lore of Romagna’s lands.

LOST FUTURE – aliens, spaceships & old sci-fi fever dreams.

1-BIT NOSTALGIC AESTHETIC – you’re trapped in an arcade cabinet and the sun won’t shine.

Original Soundtrack by Mondoriviera.


Buy Now3.99€ EUR or more

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Nott Longa Linux.zip 139 MB

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HI! Would you be insterested in a Spanish (LatAm) translation for this game? If so, feel free to contact me!

Been in the slaughterhouse for over an hour... thought the way in was also the way back out. How the hell do I get out? 

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You should have encountered a long straight vertical corridor. The first one. In that corridor there are 3 turns on the right (the last one will lead you to the nose pliers area) and 1 turn on the left. You have to take the only turn on the left! Then there is a little more try-and-error but you should be able to find the way without too much effort. The exit is on the slaughterhouse's top-right corner... But you have to stay on the left :)

When you find a doll, you'll be close to the exit!